Reddit Island turned 1 month old!!

Reddit Island turned 1 month old!!

A lot of weird things have happened this past month, from getting scammed by u/IslandOwnerAlt to getting messaged by Elon Musk.

This past month has been crazy for all our fellow islanders, as well as everyone on the staff team.

We’ve managed to raise $55 in the last month!! If you have some spare change, feel free to help out, it would be appreciated by everyone on the staff team, and help speed up the process of getting an island.

We’ve also created a brand new discord server, where you can talk/plan about the island, as well as make some new friends. You can join it using this invite code:

We have a lot planned for the future of Reddit Island, so a lot is going to happen this month, so we hope you guys join the subreddit and stay along for the ride. 🙂

– Chloe
Reddit Island Board Member/PR Team Member

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